Monday, 18 February 2019

benefits of honey

who doesn't know honey?
delicious sweet taste that can cure various diseases.
Honey is part of a bee that has many benefits for the health of the body or others,
As for honey, it can also be used for beauty, etc.
As for the types of honey as follows:
1. Mixed honey
 A mixture of two honey or several types of honey that are different from one another, both from taste, color, texture and place and also the origin of flowers.

2. Monoflora Honey
honey produced from only one type of flower. This mixture is produced by honey bees from nectar found in flowers.

3. Polyphore honey
Honey produced from different flower nectar.

4. Honey Dew
Honey produced by bees from honey-like liquids. Example tree sap.

5. Extraflora honey
Honey produced not from flower nectar, usually from leaf leaves etc.

6. Wild Forest Honey
Honey produced from wild bees.

7. Animal Honey
honey obtained from bee cultivation.

a little explanation about honey, hopefully useful.

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