Tuesday, 19 February 2019

How to Maintain Heart Health

How to Maintain Heart Health

the heart is the main point in life, has a very important role in the ecosystem of the body.
so, we must maintain it as well as possible so that our lives are always healthy.
 As for how to maintain a heart that we can do as follows:

1. Sports routine
besides being able to maintain health, exercise can also keep the heart healthy, can help improve the fitness of the heart and lungs, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
all sports are good for heart health

2. Limit eating cholesterol foods
 High cholesterol levels can cause heart problems, so limit your intake of foods that contain cholesterol, and often to control cholesterol in the body.

3. Routinely check blood pressure
Routinely checking blood pressure can control the stability of the heart in the body, try to always normal pressure in the body.

4. Drink plenty of water
Basically water is very beneficial for our body, water can help maintain the heart of our body.

5. Learn to control stress
acute stress can lead to a heart attack if not managed properly. To prevent heart disease that is triggered by stress, you must be smart to maintain emotions. If stress is excessive, calm your mind, get closer to God, be patient

6. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit
basically all vegetables and fruits are good for heart health, diligently diligently consuming vegetables and fruit so that the heart is awake.

7. Stop smoking
even though it is very difficult to stop smoking from being addicted to frequency of smoking, but if it is intended, it can, because basically cigarettes are not good for health including the heart.

little information we provide. hopefully god be with you.

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