Wednesday, 20 February 2019

How to Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking

we know that like or not like smoking is very dangerous for health.
there needs to be real information that it is very dangerous to smoke for everyday life.
the illnesses that are obtained from smoking are very frightening, but there are still many people who smoke, maybe already from addiction, maybe it has become a habit.
maybe in certain ways so someone can quit smoking.
let's review how to stop smoking:

1. Change smoking by chewing candy
where by chewing candy can make you forget about the taste of smoking.

2. Avoid for the sake of the people we love
where we think the effects of smoking can make the people we love get the impact, we can stop smoking and won't repeat it.

3. Take herbal medicine
by taking herbal medicines that are widely sold, which can reliably reduce the addiction of smoking.

4. Think a lot of negatives from smoking
from smoking a lot of negative effects that we get than positive, so it can reduce opium from smoking.

5. Think you will be more economical
where by stopping smoking we can save expenses in a day. it's pretty good for other needs.

6. Diligently brush your teeth
where by diligently brushing your teeth can reduce the addiction of smoking itself.

and many more ways to stop smoking.
a little review of how to quit smoking.
God bless you. thank you

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