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Tips to Overcome Colds in Your Hearts During Holidays

Tips to Overcome Colds in Your Hearts During Holidays

Colds are one of the diseases that most often attack babies anytime, even during holidays. Cold weather and exposure to viruses is one of the triggers for colds in your baby.

If this happens to your little one, don't worry. To keep your vacation fun, there are a few tips that you can apply when your baby has a cold.

Holidays become fun moments with family. However, when your baby has a cold this is certainly quite alarming. To deal with colds on mother's day fruit, mothers can do the following ways:

1. Use liniment

When your baby has a cold, this will certainly block the nasal passages. This condition can make it difficult to breathe and continue to be fussy. Do not immediately give him medication to drink, you can try using rubbing drugs (topical). Because, the baby still has difficulty to take medicine directly through his mouth.

Rubbing can be an alternative solution to help relieve cold symptoms and warm your baby's body practically while on vacation.

However, do not just use rubbing drugs. Choose the ones that are creamy so they are not sticky, not greasy, and quickly absorb into the skin. In addition, look for liniment that contains essential oils, which can alleviate various health problems including colds.

Essential oils or essential oils are compounds extracted from plants, can come from flowers, roots, wood, or fruit seeds. Essential oils will start to work when applied to the skin or inhaled directly. To help relieve breathing, you can choose liniment with eucalyptus and chamomile oils.

Quoted from Healthline, eucalyptus oil is a natural expectorant to help alleviate respiratory problems, including in infants. As for the content of chamomile oil can help babies sleep better even though they have a cold. In order to get the benefits directly, apply this rubbing drug to your child's chest, back and neck.

Tips to Overcome Colds in Your Hearts During Holidays

2. Wipe with a high pillow while sleeping

In order for your baby to breathe freely, put an extra pillow while sleeping. This method makes the head position higher than other parts of the body. That way, your baby can breathe more relieved when a cold. This will make your child sleep better while on vacation and get well soon.

3. Adequate fluid needs

When your baby has a cold, the mother needs to increase her fluid intake. If your child is six months old, the mother can provide warm food and drinks such as soup and milk. However, if your child is under the age of six months, you can provide breast milk (ASI).
When vacation ASI is the best choice of nutritional intake for the baby because food or drinks purchased outside have not been guaranteed cleanliness.
4. Sniffing the baby
Snot that is too full makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. For this reason, mothers need to monitor it regularly. When snot starts full, use a special vacuum to remove excess mucus. Mothers can also use nose drops to help thin the snot before suctioning.

This method will be very helpful if your baby is under 6 months old. To use it easily, you only need to squeeze the bulging part of the tool. Then, put the pipette into the nostril and then release the bulging part. Automatically, snot will be directly sucked into the tool.

5. Patting your baby's back gently

A gentle pat on the baby's back will help mucus clog out of the nose. In addition, this method can help your baby cough more easily if a cold is accompanied by a cough with phlegm.

First, lay your baby on the thigh with his stomach and pat his back slowly. If the child is more than one year old, the mother can help pat her when she is sitting.

Thus the reviews that the admin can convey, as well as the above article about tips on overcoming colds in your baby while on vacation can help. Also beneficial and always healthy.

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